This is a really easy DIY, the result is beautiful and decorative. You can hang it on the wall along with other paintings or simply place it on a table. I share the pattern to download HERE
I hope you like it, do it and share your photos of the results in our Facebook.


Este es un DIY realmente fácil, el resultado es muy bonito y decorativo. Puedes colgarlo en la pared junto con otros cuadros o simplemente ponerlo en una mesa. Les comparto el patrón que pueden descargar gratis AQUI.
Espero les guste, se animen hacerlo y compartan las fotos del resultado en nuestro Facebook.

You need: 1. A blank canvas / 2. Wool of the color you prefer / 3. A needle for sewing with wool / 4. Scissors / 5. Tape / 6. The pattern printed from Join the Mood.

Necesitas: 1. Un lienzo en blanco / 2. Lana del color que prefieras / 3. Una aguja para coser con lana / 4. Tijeras / 5. Cinta adhesiva / 6. El patrón impreso de Join the Mood.

1. Paste the pattern properly centered on the canvas 
2. Pierce the canvas in each red dot from the pattern with the help of the needle. 
3. Sew the crosses with the wool using the pattern. Be careful not to sew the spaces that should not have crosses.

TIP: You don't need to have experience in cross stitch sewing to make this DIY. However it is advisable to sew first in one direction and then return in the opposite direction to form the crosses. This will facilitate the work.

1. Pegar el patron bien centrado en el lienzo 
2. Perforar el lienzo en cada punto rojo del patron con la ayuda de la aguja.
3. Coser las cruces con la lana teniendo el patrón como muestra. Ten cuidado de no coser los espacios que no deben tener cruces. 

TIP: No tienes que tener experiencia en coser punto de cruz para hacer este DIY. Sin embargo es recomendable coser primero en un sentido y luego devolverse en sentido contrario para formar las cruces, así facilitaras el trabajo.


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  1. Divino!!! de todo mi gusto.

  2. Quiero hacerlo ya! Donde puedo conseguir el patrón de todas las letras?

  3. Hello! I absolutely LOVE your post, it is so simple and creative. I'm recreating my own and was wondering if you could please inform me of what size canvas you used. Thank you for such a great post, I am very much looking forward to your future tutorials! (:

  4. Hi!
    I recently published a blogpost with 5 simple DIY-projects for my readers to try out. This DIY was one of the projects I mentioned. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed one of the pictures in this post for my post? Ofcourse I gave you credits and a link to this post.


    Thank you for an inspiring DIY!

    Have a nice one!

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