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  1. Hm. Released as part three of a "Living Trilogy" of vignette films, the film peels crazy layers like a jabbering onion, starting with its long yet non descriptive title. From there, we have the trailer, which raises even more questions than it answers and appears to star a series of suicide hotline regulars haunting rooms so numbingly drab that they would make Cormac McCarthy weep.

    It was Barbara's visits to AIDS hospitals in Harlem that nudged her husband into endorsing additional federal funds for fighting the disease when the Reagan Administration was still balking. Similarly, after an early debate when her husband brushed aside a question about the homeless with boiler plate about best friend sweatshirts housing, Barbara exhorted him to make homelessness a campaign issue. "She really talked hard at him," said an aide, "and rode him until he got it right." Barbara's interest solar eclipse t shirts in children and literacy, meanwhile, helped Bush commit himself to being the "education President." "Every time he says 'Head Start,' that's Bar," says Sheila Tate, Bush's transition spokeswoman.